Dashlane Password Manager

Password Manager: Securely store your passwords in one place. Never forget another password.

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Program By: Dashlane

Feature: Password Storage & Autofill

Available Platform: Desktop, IOS, and Android

Available in: English

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Dashlane Password Manager

How To choose the right password manager

Choosing a password manager can seem like a daunting process, especially since it involves your personal information and identity. The good news is we have come a long way in secure applications that can safely protect your identity and data, while simultaneously providing convenience and security. Two of the main things to take into consideration when choosing a password manager is whether you want Free vs. Paid membership, and what set of features you would like in a password manager.

Let's dive right in:

Free VS Paid Membership

Everyone wants something for free, but we really need to ask ourselves if free actually means the best protection and services? How our personal information is handled is no light matter and is more of a necessity than a luxury, so would you want to leave your personal data in the hands of some free automated system OR know that it is being closely monitored by a company that constantly strives to improve and perfect its security policies and practices?

Always remember that in the case of your online identity and passwords a paid membership will not only give you better features but will have more protections in place.

Before taking the dive and purchasing a product you are unsure of, we recommend taking advantage of their FREE versions of their products. This will give you a good introduction into the company's performance and features to help you determine if they are the best fit for your needs. Typically, take a few days to a week to determine if the product is right for you and then take the opportunity to invest in their premium version. Now that we understand it's best to try before you buy, let's dive into the next important aspect involved in choosing the best password and security manager for you - features.

What are typical features you should look for in a password manager?
Features may include:

Most prominent companies in this space will be able to accommodate multiple passwords, across multiple devices on desktop and mobile, however the quantity usually depends on whether you are using their free or paid services.

Here are the ultimate features you should look for in a top password manager:

There are pros and cons to every password manager service out there and each offers a wide array of features, in addition to free vs. paid memberships. The key is to find which companies serves your particular needs best and makes you feel most secure.